About ‘The Westway’ – A40

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The project is based around The Westway, in particular the region between Ladbroke Grove and Latimer Road Underground stations.

The Westway is a 2.5-mile (4 km) elevated dual carriageway section of the  A40 in West London, running from Paddington in the east to North Kensington in the west. It connects the London Inner Ring Road to West London suburbs.

The road was constructed between 1962 and 1970 to connect the proposed London Ringways motorway scheme to Paddington, and opened as the A40(M). It was the first urban motorway project in London and attracted criticism for the lack of care over the environment, the well-being of local residents and communities, and handling those whose homes would be demolished. Road protests increased following its opening.

The road has become a significant London landmark and has been noted in several works of popular culture. It is referred to in J.G. Ballard’s 1973 novel Crash. The following year’s Concrete Island was set in a junction between motorways, one of which is the Westway.

The Clash referred to the road in “London’s Burning”, and the group’s Joe Strummer described their music as “the sound of the Westway”. The group’s documentary ‘Westway to the World’ is named after the road.

(source = Wikipedia) 2018-07-07-06.23.36

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