Get involved with a fun and informative art and science project in West London!

Do you live within half a mile of The Westway, A40, London?

Are you interested in monitoring air pollution levels outside your home?

The Fumifugiums is an art and science project for residents living within a the vicinity of The Westway A40. It is led by Maxilla Studios based artist Rachael Nee.  

To begin, I will be placing an air-pollution monitor outside your home which will measure the particulates in the air. This could be for as little as one day or as much as three months, the decision is yours.

We will then be transforming the data you’ve collected into sound. How will the sound be played…? We will be making an ‘orchestra’ of unusual instruments!

The orchestra will be made during two full-day making and drawing events for all the family at Maxilla Studios (the former Childrens’ Centre) under The Westway.  

There will also be series of workshops specifically for teens where we will learn how to make simple electronic instruments.

The Fumifugiums aims to highlight in a serious, but playful way, the issue of air pollution in the area. 

We will finish with a performance of our awesome and newly created ‘Fumifugiums Orchestra’ alongside an exhibition of artwork.  
Would you like to find out more? Curious about what a ‘Fumifugium’ is….?!  

You are invited to a get-together, with refreshments, at Maxilla Studios, 4 Maxilla Walk W10 6NQ. Please drop-in anytime between 4-7pm on Wednesday 30th October.  

Please let me know if you are coming –

If you are interested but unable to attend the get-together please contact me and we can arrange to meet at your convenience. 

The Fumifugiums is funded by a RBKC (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) arts grant and Supported by Acava, (The Association of Cultural Advancement through Visual Art)


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