The Fumifugium Orchestra

A community art and science project based around the The Westway, A40 in London.

Funded by Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and supported by Acava.

Making Music From London’s Air Pollution

Fumi Organ

Fumifugium Orchestra wins a prize in UK Robotics Week!


The Fumifugium Orchestra was one of the winning entrants in the the UK Robotics Week 2020 Environment Making Challenge with SERAS (Skills and Robotics for Autonomous systems.)

Entrants were challenged with designing solutions using IoT (Internet of Things) for environmental problems.

The storyboard…..

Route of The Westway A40 through London

Sample of air-pollution data collected transformed into music…

‘Air instrument’ starting to be wired up for electronic music element.

We made an amplifier and speaker and a simple electronic instrument called a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) that will be integrated into the instruments made at the Family Workshops Days.

Fumifugium air instrument in progress

Family and Teen Workshops at Maxilla Studios


On the Family Day we started to make the instruments out of materials such as air-ducting and car exhaust manifolds. We started to wire them in preparation to receive the electronic musical instruments made at the ‘Teen electronic workshops’.

The air-pollution monitors

A set of four air pollution monitors were placed with families in the vicinitiy of the Westway A40 near Latimer Road Underground Station.

The monitors are run on Raspberry Pi’s and the data is calculated on a computer program especially commissioned for the project.

The data being received. PM2.5 on the screen relates to the particulate size that is considered most detrimental to health.

**cancelled due to covid-19**

Free art and science Family Days at Maxilla Studios.

Build a giant musical instrument played with air pollution data collected by local families.

Do drawings with ink made from air pollution! …. read more.

Free Electronics Workshops for Teenagers

Create a microphone out of tin-cans!
Build a music amplifier and speaker!
Create an instrument controlled by light! ….. read more.

A day in the life of the pollution monitors, see the data collected.

A typical day of data received from the four monitors. Each monitor took readings at different intervals, ranging from every second to every 30 seconds.… read more.

What and where is ‘The Westway’ – A40??

The project is based around The Westway, in particular the region between Ladbroke Grove and Latimer Road Underground stations..… read more.

Due to Covid-19 the Fumifugium project was postponed.

It is now taking on a new form online 🙂


Get new arty developments happening to the Fumifugiums.